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27 September - 1 October 2021


Hamburg is one of the most important business locations in Germany and the host of the ITS World Congress 2021. A growing population, increasing freight traffic, and rising numbers of commuters lead to an increased demand for mobility. In view of spatially and economically limited opportunities, the key to success lies in greater transport efficiency and better capacity utilization of transport routes. Hamburg's aim is to use the opportunities offered by digitalization for mobility and transport and to demonstrate this transformation in its role as a model city for future, sustainable and integrated mobility and logistics. In order to achieve these goals, the City of Hamburg has developed its own ITS strategy in 2016, thus creating the conditions for further developing Hamburg's transport system using digital technologies.

The City of Hamburg and the Digital Hub Logistic of Hamburg are jointly working to bring together startups, corporates, science, research, and further education in order to stimulate the new process, product, and business model innovations in logistics and mobility. 

Throughout a vast series of workshops and events, sustainable and innovative ideas for new mobility and logistics products and services are generated. Supported by its corporate partners, amongst them companies such as Volkswagen, DHL or Beiersdorf, the Digital Hub has become the port of call for logistics and urban mobility innovators in Hamburg and northern Germany.


During the Citython edition the City of Hamburg will collaborate with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Every year, more than 6,000 bachelor’s and master’s students and more than 500 doctoral students graduate. UPC fits naturally in the Knowledge Triangle to deliver Higher Education, Research & Technology. Contact with industry has been integrated into their activities and entrepreneurship is supported by different programs that have in mind students, young graduates and faculty members.


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Increase the level of active mobility in the City of Hamburg

Privately owned vehicles can be considered as the favourite mode of transport going in and out of the city of Hamburg. Purposes for trips range widely between leisure and daily commute but have one thing in common: they create traffic jams or generally slow traffic (especially at peak hours morning and afternoon) along with emissions and noise due to the high amount of cars with mostly just one driver. This calls for solutions that go beyond any restrictions of parking spaces in the city.

Carefree Drive

Automated driving in

the City of Hamburg

Fully automated driving is often seen as the way we travel in the future. Today however there are many challenges to be solved before this vision turns into reality. Autonomous driving needs to be safe and is hence restricted under German governmental law and does not allow vehicles to drive fully autonomous on public roads without special permission. Communication between the car and its surroundings is a crucial element to autonomous driving as well as the coherent decision making based the input of a car´s sensors.

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Making Public Spaces Usable

Population and production growth have resulted in a demand for higher capacities of urban transportation systems. Today, traffic is the number one occupier of public space in Hamburg. That has not only led to unsatisfactory conditions in regards to traffic flow and traffic jams but has also decreased the availability of local recreational areas. Making more public space usable again for the residents, therefore, calls for innovation and creative approaches. Help us develop a concept for making more public space usable by interlinking innovative transportation systems with sustainable concepts and attractive social offers!


There are no winners in the category "Automated driving in the City of Hamburg," because the presented solutions don’t reach the minimum score to pass.

Event Agenda

Tuesday, 16th September  

16:00-16:25. Welcome speech

  • Speech by Henrik Morgen, EIT Urban Mobility

  • Speech by Harry Evers, ITS Hamburg 2021

16:25-16:30. Virtual Coffee break

16:30-16:45. Announcement Challenge I

¨Increase the level of active mobility in the City of Hamburg¨

  • Speech by Mathias Höhne, ITS Hamburg and City of Hamburg

16:45-17:00. Announcement Challenge II

¨Automated driving in the City of Hamburg¨

  • Speech by Prof. Dr Rasmus Rettig, HAW Hamburg 

17:00-17:15. Announcement Challenge III

Challenge surprise

  • Speech by Yannik Seidenberg, Project Manager EIT Urban Mobility KIC

17:15-17:30. Inspirational Techpill Talk

  • Speech by Florian Albert, AVES Reality

17:30-17:45. Q&A















Sunday, 19th September --> extended until Tuesday 21st 

15:00. Registration deadline!


Wednesday, 22nd September


09:00. Announcement of Teams. Start Hacking!

Monday, 27th September 

10:00-13:00. Individual mentoring session I

Wednesday, 29th September

10:00-13:00. Individual mentoring session II

Citython Hamburg_Calendar.PNG

Thursday, 30th September ​

12:00. Deadline submission of final solutions

(mid-term review form & video).

If these two files are not sent, your group will be automatically disqualified. You will not be able to pitch in front of the jury members on Friday, 1 October and therefore you will not be eligible for any of the announced prizes.

16:00. Publication of the final candidates.

Friday, 1st October 

10:00 – 12:00. Final candidates presentations to the jury members

15:00 – 15:30. Announcement of winners and closure.

Webinar - 16 September 2021



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Jury members


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Master of Ceremony



Partners of Citython 2021 - Hamburg

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